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Protect Yourself


Have you ever invested time and money only to be disappointed and left with being owed thousands of dollars?  In order to avoid that happening, you need to do your homework.  Is the person who they say they are? 


This is a teleconference of an interview of Marsha Long, the Private Investigator of Search Services of Florida, Inc.  She is being interviewed by Minh Pham, founder of "Walking on Water" a Non Profit Organization geared toward training and empowering individuals to live their dream lives now!


Listen and learn what you need to do to check the person out before going into a long term business relationship with them.  Here's some of the things you'll learn.


Why do you need to do this before you invest your time and money with this professional?mk


What is the process for starting an investigation?

What items of information would be needed in order to start the investigation?

How long does it take to complete the investigation?


For the most part, how successful are the investigations?


Why might I not find anything on the subject?


Why must the subject fill out and sign a Release?


The lesson here is to do your homework and always cover yourself.


Take the time to listen to this informative interview with Marsha Long Private Investigator of Search Services of Florida, Inc.


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